//5 Species of Law Students You Meet in Law School

5 Species of Law Students You Meet in Law School

Ok. Here is the deal. After reading this article, I am pretty sure that you are going to classify yourself, as one of those I will enumerate. Ready? Here we go!

1. The Idealist

“I am in law school because I want justice to prevail.”

This is his opening salvo to almost all introductions he is asked by his professors. He is very critical when it comes to the administration of justice and he is the defender of the poor whose rights may have been disregarded outright by the “prominent” in the society. “I want to become a Justice of the Supreme Court.” This is one statement he always have running in his mind. And his motto? “Justice delayed is justice denied”. So, who among you here is Mr. Idealist? Legal Ethics may have been your favorite subject? Is it?

2. The Topsy-Turvy

“Uuuuuhm? I am actually confused of what I am doing here in Law school but being a lawyer seems a cool thing to do in life. I guess?”

The confused, the higgledy-piggledy and the derailed, this is Ms. Topsy-Turvy. She has actually no idea what lawyering has to offer because she knows the profession is somewhat like prestigious. After passing the Bar, she is thinking of going on a vacation grandé because after all, “I am now a Lawyer!” This girl right here always appears relaxed in class even she is already being “fried”, I must say, by her professor. At the end of every semester, she is always asking herself, “Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?” You aren’t sounding like Adele, don’t ya girl?

3. The Walking Codal

“Today, I am going to memorize 50 articles in Law on Partnership.”

McDonalds, Iliganon sa Tibanga or even in the streets while waiting for a jeepney, this guy is bringing his Codal always with him. He considers Codals as his best friends. If ask of his opinion regarding a particular issue, he is always equipped with provisions of law justifying all the circumstances surrounding the issue. He sleeps with his Codal rather than his girlfriend. He eats with his codal rather than with his girlfriend. His codal is his life. Get it from him and surely he’ll die. Kiddin! Kid, remember, there is more to life than law school. The Earth is such a wonderful place to live. Go out sometimes and smell the flowers.

4. The Fashion Police

“I’m going to wear a “red dress” today because fashion matters to me than any other things in law school.”

“Fashion starts in law school and not in Paris.” That is her motto everyday. She always considers what she wears everyday. Red to red. Yellow to yellow. Whatever the color of her dress maybe, that is the same and exact color of her bag and shoes. Getting up is her main course. Subsidiary only is law school on her part. She has a collection of lipsticks, mascaras, and eye shadows. She is an expert. She is always present in Testimonial Dinners and Purplehood because she really loves getting up, wear a cocktail dress or a gown and then voila!, SELFIE! “Have to post this in Instagram. My followers would probably love this.” Her dream is to become a lawyer: a lady lawyer of grace, poise and elegance. Go girl! I can see Pia Wurtzbach in you. You are confidently beautiful with a heart and a brain.

5. The Desperado

“I am going to spend my day in the law library. No time must be wasted. I need to study really hard.”

He’s in the library eight hours a day and ten on Saturdays and Sundays. He is taking Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng to help him memorize and read 50 cases assigned for the next day class. Yet, for the life of him, he can’t seem to pull even half a score in an exam. The reality is that he was never cut out for law school. Be it nature or nurture, he was designed for a different job. At the back of his mind, “If others can do this, why can’t I?” No retreat, no surrender is his motto. “No matter how many “5” I get during recitations, I must not stumble. In time, I will become a lawyer (conviction emphasized).” There you go boy! That is the spirit. Onwards to the greatest battle of your life.

Whatever may our reasons be in entering law school, I hold no doubt we shall become what we are projecting ourselves to be. Of many downfalls in this academic pursuit, as long as it will not let it affect you, go straight ahead, focus, success is near. Failure is not an option. Triumph is victory. Tiwala lang!

Are there any other types of law students you can think of? Let me know your thoughts.