//Vogue Vernal B. Orcullo takes post as new EIC

Vogue Vernal B. Orcullo takes post as new EIC

A new beginning is set to happen for The Nexus as Vogue Vernal Orcullo accepted the challenge as the new Editor in Chief of The Nexus. As the school publication is gearing towards innovative journalism, Vogue gladly took his appointment, afternoon of January 26, 2017. Also, Ivy Mae Pantaleon and Marija Kara Trinidad accepted their designated posts as Associate Editors.The outgoing EIC, Riezyl Reen P. Angas is more than confident of the new leadership of The Nexus under the new EIC and Associate Editors. “I am at peace now that The Nexus will be left to those whose hearts to write and administer the publication are infallible”, Reen said during the first core group meeting of the said publication.

From right to left: Vogue Vernal Orcullo is the New EIC of The Nexus, Marija Kara Trinidad and Ivy Mae Pantaleon as Associate Editors and the outgoing EIC, Riezyl Reen Angas. New faces. New ideas. New direction. The next is us (them)!

With the unveiling of the successors of The Nexus, the new EIC encouraged his fellow law students to write. “We will try our very best to encourage everyone to be part of The Nexus. I am excited of this new undertaking.” Vogue remarked.

The Nexus launched its social blog last January 25, 2017, a big leap from the traditional publication the students knew. With this, a semi-academic journal is also eyed to be published by the end of March this year.

This is the new beginning of a re-imagined The Nexus.