//Question: WHY LAW SCHOOL?


“What drove you to study law?” That’s the most used-up question in almost all law schools every single time a new breed of “would be” lawyers surfaces. I remember this one time I was asked by one of my favorite professors on my first day in law school (not verbatim but of similar trail of thought) in addition to the routine individual introduction by all students, with the same question, “Why law school?”

It caught me off-guard not because I never expected such question to be thrown at me, in fact I prepared for it and rehearsed myself a few dozen times, but because at that very moment I became unsure what words to utter which will reflect the true reason why I took up law school in the first place. I paused for a moment to contemplate what to say exactly. However, words failed me so I went with the original script and told everyone in that room that it was a childhood dream, and so on and so forth.

When I came back home, after feasting over a solo packaged food take-out and enjoying my few minutes of regular self-care, I began reflecting what could have been the possible reason why I opted to choose law school over my dream of working in SGV and Co. There was an eerie and deafening moment of silence. I was unsure. I didn’t know why I even signed up for this one.

For the next few days I would spend late nights trying to collect some thoughts. Definitely my family will be extremely proud of me. I could imagine the look on their faces the day I would take my oath as a lawyer. I could envision my mom attending some of my court room hearings and congratulating me after dotting a case with a win. I could inspire my siblings to follow my footsteps. I could make my family happy, for sure.

Sometimes I would also tell myself that this would be my last shot at redeeming myself. I’ve been mediocre in almost everything I did back then. I know I could have done better in those moments but I opted to do what I did–and here we are. That’s why I want to make the most out of this law school experience. I want to make things right for myself on a personal level. I want to be the best version of me.

Perhaps, sometimes I would also tell myself that I want to help the oppressed and serve the ends of justice. With the unending dilemma that we have and the quality of the people seated in office, an increased sense of urgency to improve our current justice system has been knocking on my door. I want to help mitigate the impact of this incessant issue. I feel like it’s now or never.
But often times the simplest questions entail the most complex of reasons. I have come to accept that being in law school cannot be pinned in one sole reason. Rather, it is a mixture of unfathomable number of reasons. But that’s the beauty of it. It keeps you thinking why you engaged in this melodramatic journey. So for me, law school is a win-win situation. I am learning and at the same time enjoying all of my law school experiences.

And for those in doubt, continue to persevere. There’s maybe no guarantee that all of your questions will be answered or that everything you hoped for would come as you expected it to but it sure is going to be worthwhile. It may not be an easy journey but believe that it’s going to be worth it in the end.