//Confession: NEVER TOO LATE

Confession: NEVER TOO LATE

I entered law school at an age and time which everyone considers as “too old” or “too late” especially since being a woman in this modern world makes people think that we should be doting moms with successful careers before we’re 30 (aka BE A SUPERWOMAN).

I have just resigned from the company of my dreams and turned my back on an income that could more than provide for my family’s needs. WHY???!! I would scream in my mind and my heart would ache. but I have long accepted the fact that shit happens and that’s how life is. It gives you challenges and you have to do what you have to do.

I was very much pregnant when I decided to reignite a dream I buried after graduating college and having a baby out of wedlock. I knew I had to start providing for my family and going to law school for another 4-5 years while working in a job that requires frequent traveling would be spreading myself too thin. Little did I know that this path would present itself right in front of me. Finally, I took the plunge.

Many were skeptical and I was even given harsh feedback as to why I decided to do this. There are days when I question that myself but at the end of it all, the questions and doubts only make me want to prove to myself and to everyone else that I, along with other women just like me, can do this. I want to and I have to.

It has not been a walk in the park and challenges are aplenty. Aside from recitations, countless readings, numerous cases to digests, and professors who you think want to eat you alive; life will test you in ways that will surely make you question your sanity- kids get sick, you get sick, no nanny, demanding clients, work deadlines, long distance relationship, what to feed the kids, when to do the laundry, traffic, weight gain, and the list goes on. It will surely test your character BUT you tread on for a dream you thought you have long forgotten. You rise up and when it’s all over you know that there is a sense of pride and achievement. I managed to survive three semesters so far and I can’t believe I’m admitting this but I am truly looking forward to more (7 semesters to be exact. Not more than that I hope).

Dreams come true if you work for it and make it happen. It is NEVER too late. Whether you’re 29, 55, or fresh out of college. Take that leap and watch everything unfold before you. It’s scary but it’s beautiful at the same time. Have faith and most importantly, believe in yourself.