//DMS: Ready to Step UP!

DMS: Ready to Step UP!

The Debate and Moot Society is infused with new blood under the leadership of Assistant Dean Anabelle Cañazares-Mindalano. The new members went through a series of screening prior to their admission. Each interested applicant was interviewed by the Assistant Dean herself, followed by essay writing and lastly, extemporaneous speech.


PICTURE: Cooki Trinidad interpellates Eric Villela.

Following the rigid screening in the course of a few weeks, here are the new members and newly-elected officers of the Debate and Moot Society:

Sitty Nor-Aisah Pumbaya (President)

Janodin Marohombsar (Vice President)

Bea Bangcola (Secretary)

Ivy Mae Pantaleon (Treasurer)

Vogue Vernal Orcullo (Auditor)

Jasmerah Amod (PIO)

Kaye Lucille Hugo

Norajannah Lantud

Jaminah Pangandag

Marija Kara Trinidad

Eric Jan Villela

The new Debate and Moot Society logo, designed by Van Openiano and Bea Bangcola was unveiled as well.


“The new debate society is very challenging considering the new debate format and then considering [that] we are starting from scratch but what’s good about it is we have Atty. Nabs who is very passionate about the craft….I believe with the strong support from the College of Law and the Assistant Dean herself, the Debate and Moot Society is going beyond national tournaments in the coming years,” said Aisah Pumbaya, the new President of DMS. Aisah is an AB English graduate and an alumna of MSU-IIT Debate Varsity Team.

DMS means business. No time was wasted as the first meeting was set ablaze with two rounds of debate using the Oxford Oregon format. And it does not stop there. The coming weeks will be more intense as a series of debate rounds are scheduled to hone the debaters.

Assistant Dean Anabelle Cañazares-Mindalano herself has this to say about their progress: “With the new breed of zealous members who are eager and committed to learn, I am looking at a more dynamic Debate and Moot Society with highly competitive debaters and speakers.”



PICTURE: Assistant Dean Nabs Mindalano-Canazares gives her observation and discusses techniques to the first set of speakers after the first round of debate.