//Square Off: Firm Debates- Our Victors!

Square Off: Firm Debates- Our Victors!


If you were one of the many MSUans who were glued to their televisions and watched ANC Firm Debates last night, then you would know by now that we did not “win.” I put quotation marks because, win or lose, our representatives (Ivy, Vogue, and Jano) are winners in their own right.


I have witnessed the preparation and the amount of heart they have put in their craft. Sleepless nights, endless debate drills, and rigorous research started as early as February to hone the skills of our debaters and the ultimate desire to do well during the debate itself was evident. They were composed, courteous, articulate, and exemplary. They are our victors!

I don’t want to sound biased since I’m sure that the San Beda team also prepared for this debate. I must say that their first speaker Mr. Christopher Chua Ferriols, who was also named as the Best Speaker, performed very well. But given that this is the first time that MSU-IIT College of Law-Iligan Extension joined this competition, our team IMPECCABLY put up a fight.


The arguments put forth by the Affirmative (MSU Iligan) were coherent and in line with jurisprudence (they cited at least 5), Constitutional construction (Construe the Constitution as a whole), and democratic norms (Doctrine of Separation of Powers and check and balances). On the other hand, the Negative side (San Beda) focused on construing the Constitution using the principle of Casus Omissus, Residual power and also the Doctrine of Separation of Powers.


In spite of the judge’s decision, which was not really substantiated fully, our debate team shined and portrayed so much potential. Our very own Dean Zed Ditucalan and Assistant Dean Nabs Cañazares-Mindalano are very proud of their performance.

“Vogue, Ivy and Jano, Congratulations! As your Dean and mentor, I can’t be any prouder. Thank you for representing MSU Law. The performance was truly impeccable. I see great lawyers in the making. You guys put up a good fight. This is just the beginning of your debating and mooting journey. More words war to conquer!” – Dean Zed Ditucalan


“As I have always said, this is not an endpoint in itself. This is part of a process, not only in honing your debating skills but also in building a stronger and a more resilient character – up and ready to face more challenges. You are already victors in that alone. Needless to say, we see promising lawyers in the making. You made your Alma Mater truly proud. And I could not be any prouder as your coach. So team, to more battle of wits together!” – Assistant Dean Nabs Cañazares-Mindalano

True enough, this is only the beginning! Our debate team still has a chance to compete in the ANC Firm Debates. The Wildcard Polls are up and running and will close on April 12, 2014 Thursday! Go to this link and vote for Mindanao State University now. We are leading in the polls as of this writing!

Once again, good job Ivy, Vogue, and Jano! You have truly put a map on the ANC Firm Debates that Law students from the Mindanao State University College of Law are as competent and as competitive as any other Law School in the Philippines!