//Accessible Sites and Apps for Law Students

Accessible Sites and Apps for Law Students

Innovation cannot be ignored, especially now that many people are relying on technology and the Internet. As a law student, there is a need to be adept in technology and keep up with the new norm. Below are free apps and sites that can help you in your law school journey:

1. Batas Jurisprudence App

Batas Jurisprudence is a 100% free computer software available on Mac and Windows that allows offline access to complete Supreme Court Cases from 1901 – 2021. This app is good when you have no access to the Internet or on a data-saving mode.

2. Copy Case

Copy Case is a web application that will help you find full-text cases with a single click of a button. Its algorithm is designed to match the cases on the internet and automatically writes them on a (.docx) word document file packaged in a (.zip) zip file. This app is a great solution to eliminate the very time-consuming and agonizing process of manual scraping of the Internet for full cases and copying each word. In just a single click, its algorithm can give you several cases it can find.

3. eCodal+

eCodal+ is an online compilation of Philippine Laws and Jurisprudence that is readily available on your smartphone. It can be manually installed on your device, be it Android or iOS.

4. Abogado.com.ph

Abogado.com.ph is a one-stop site for all the latest news in the legal world, especially in the Philippines. They provide you with the latest news concerning lawyers, legal views, and the social media presence of politicians and celebrity lawyers— a  great way to be updated with current events.

5. Project Jurisprudence

Project Jurisprudence is a Philippine blog that reblogs content on law, jurisprudence, government, and politics.

6. The LawPhil Project

Lawphil is a website project of the Arellano Law Foundation in the Philippines. The project aims to make all Philippine laws, statutes, case laws, presidential decrees, and other legal materials available online.

7. ChanRobles Virtual Law Library

Similar to LawPhil, ChanRobles is a website that presents selected Philippine Supreme Court decisions. It also includes background information on the Philippine legal system, information on the various courts, Supreme Court circulars and orders, and court rules. The Virtual Law Library is sponsored by Chan Robles Law Net, provided by the Chan Robles Law firm in the Philippines.

8. Lawyerly

Lawyerly is also a web-based legal research platform where you can access all Supreme Court cases, relevant laws, and implemented rules and regulations. It has a versatile and advanced searching capability that lets you search for cases, laws, doctrines using case citations, General Register numbers, keywords, or hashtags with accurate results. Unlike LawPhil and ChanRobles, this website offers free registration to generate a case digest and share it with others online.