//Modernizing Iligan’s PUVs

Modernizing Iligan’s PUVs

Iligan City has implemented the long-awaited Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) along the city’s highways. Transportation has always been a crucial aspect of the growth of the economy. Hence, with the current downfall that the world is facing, the ability to adapt and change to improve society is highly essential. In efforts to address the present issue, as well as the problem of the old jeepneys, the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) is the catalyst for change through these pandemic times. With this, the city hopes to develop adequate local resources and increase assistance for our modern-day heroes, the frontliners, during this crisis.

Modern Jeepney parked in Iligan City Tambo Terminal

The Modern Public Utility Vehicle, or commonly known as the modern jeep, are said to be similar to the ones recently launched in Cagayan de Oro City by another transport cooperative. Such PUVs are units from Misamis Iligan Lanao Transport Service Cooperative (MILTRASCO). Around December 2020, Royal Developer Consortium-Transport Service Cooperative (RODECO-TSC) started deploying modern PUVs in Iligan City through a P30 million loan with Landbank of the Philippines. The modern jeep provides a more convenient way of transporting at a cheaper cost which also strictly implements the social distancing rule and the wearing of proper masks and face shields. One bonus is that all fifteen (15) vehicles are air-conditioned and conducive to all, especially during the hottest time of the day.

A lot of positive feedback was received for the establishment of the said program. Most would agree that this is efficient for those who travel with heavy baggage and those who prefer the comfort of air-conditioning while travelling. According to one of the conductors of the modern jeep, as interviewed, it is advantageous for people who travel far distances as they can save up a lot of money. The fare starts with a base price of 11.00 pesos in the first (1st) 4 kilometres and adds up to 1.80 pesos for the succeeding kilometre. However, for the elderly, disabled, and student fare, the base price is 9.00 pesos in the first (1st) 4 kilometres and adds up to 1.50 pesos for the succeeding kilometre. The modern jeep starts as early as 5 am and ends at 8 pm at IBJT Tambo with a waiting time of exactly ten (10) minutes. After the allotted time, with or without passengers inside, the modern jeep automatically leaves for the next stop.

Fare Matrix for Airconditioned Modern PUJ in Iligan City

As this is only the beginning, the program starts with fifteen (15) units only. With the program’s success, this will instigate the complete transition from the old means of transportation. In contrast to the old jeepneys, one might say that there is a huge difference and that it is unfair in terms of service and price since it does not offer the same level of services at the same price as compared to the modern jeep. It is also alleged that the old jeepneys cause more air pollution in the environment than the latter. Therefore, there is a necessity for a change in the old ways to progress and adapt to the fluctuating needs of the current society. With the implementation of the long-awaited Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP), every Iliganon hopes for the continuous advancement of the city.