//MSU Opens Its Doors To A New Batch of Aspiring Lawyers
MSU Opens Its Doors To Aspiring Lawyers

MSU Opens Its Doors To A New Batch of Aspiring Lawyers

Mindanao State University – College of Law (Marawi, Iligan, and General Santos Campuses) now accepts APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION for AY 2021-2022!

MSU Application 2021-2022


  1. Letter of Intent (addressed to the Dean)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Scanned Copy of TOR or Certificate of Evaluation for Applicants Graduating this AY 2021-2022
  4. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation from Former Professor or Employer
  5. Admission Essay

Essay Question:
Over a year has passed since the onslaught of the pandemic. In your view, how has the rule of law been an enabler of order and justice in these unprecedented times? (max. 800 words)

Submission Process:
Fill out the form at this link https://forms.gle/46sFBCaZF9jfWJB69 and upload all the documentary requirements.


The APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION for AY 2021-2022 has been REOPENED and the deadline has been EXTENDED until JULY 14, 2021.

In its continued pursuit of innovation, excellence, and relevance the admission policy has been refined to include letters of recommendation. As the former Dean Zed Ditucalan, now Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, puts it, β€œLeading aspiring lawyer back to his or her former professor is part of counseling. He or she gets the opportunity to discuss his or her plans with someone who knows his or her skills and competencies. The former professor can certainly give him or her the best advice and inspiration for the new academic challenge.”

Indeed, law school is great! It will teach you a lot of things and show you the world in a different perspective. But it requires an immense amount of dedication and commitment.

Challenges are up ahead. Are you up for it? Apply now!

In behalf of the MSU College of Law System, welcome to the rest your lives!