//MSU Law to represent PH in the 17th ALIN Conference
MSU Law to represent PH in the 17th ALIN Conference

MSU Law to represent PH in the 17th ALIN Conference

Dean Annabelle Cañazares-Mindalano and Assistant Dean Joanah Alinog Disocor of Mindanao State University College of Law will represent the Philippines in the 17th Asia Legal Information Network (ALIN) International Conference— a four-session event that will highlight paper topics by speakers from 17 countries who will be presenting virtually on September 15, 2021 in Seoul, South Korea.

With the theme “Legal Measures for Tackling Pandemic in Asia: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward”, the lady deans will talk about the Philippines’ overall legal framework; the law-related measures the country applied in dealing with the pandemic; and the lessons learned, suggestions and the way forward. They will be the fourth presenter for the first session alongside participants from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Dean Mindalano thanked MSU Vice-Chancellor Alizedney Ditucalan who greased the wheels for this opportunity. The latter had been representing the Philippines in ALIN Conferences during his post as the College Dean, in which he was famously known for his study entitled “the Bangsamoro Basic Law: The Philippine Model of Legislative Peace Settlement and the  Constitutional Ramifications”. This time around is the turn of the new Dean, together with her Assistant Dean.

 “It is an honor to represent Mindanao State University and the Philippines in the 17th  Asia Legal Information Network (ALIN) General Meeting and International Conference. Kudos to VC Zed Ditucalan for paving the way to this opportunity for MSU Law. Shoutout also to my partner, AD Disocor”, with much pride Dean Mindalano shared in one of her social media posts.

ALIN holds conferences and general meetings annually to discuss legal measures and developments among its members— and the presentation of legal topics has been part of the tradition. This year’s conference will be done online with participants from the regions of South, South East, East, and Central Asia. It will be hosted by ALIN and Korea Legislation Research Institute (KLRI) whose Vice President, Hyun-Cheol Kang, will be moderating the program, as well.

Meanwhile, MSU Law Students are encouraged by the dean to attend the event which will be livestreamed on Youtube and ALIN website from 13:30 to 18:00 Korean time (12:30 to 17:00 Philippine time). Those who will be joining will be issued certificates of attendance, provided that they submit a captured image of their comments on the live chatbox.

ALIN, established in 2005, is a network of law schools, legal research institutes, and government agencies in ASIA whose vision is to create a legislative environment that promotes cooperation among its members through the exchange of legal, experience and expertise to foster better law in Asia. Since 2015, MSU Law has been one of its active member-institutes.

The official ALIN Conference website is at http://www.alinevent.com